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At Elite Discoveries, we're more than just digital PR brokers; we're your strategic partner in building a legacy. Let's get your questions answered.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR campaigns involves creating and publishing content on leading media publications like Forbes, IB Times, Business Insider, etc. It is designed to generate media coverage, build brand awareness, and improve search engine rankings.

What does a Digital PR broker do?

A Digital PR broker facilitates relationships between brands and media outlets, identifying opportunities for content placement and negotiating terms to secure exposure. They work closely with both parties, overseeing the submission and publication process to ensure alignment with strategic objectives.

What is the benefit of using a digital PR broker?

Brokers have established relationships with media outlets and can navigate the publishing process efficiently, saving you time and increasing the likelihood of high-quality placements.

How long does it take to see results from digital PR?

Results can vary based on the campaign's scope and goals but typically, initial impacts in search engine rankings can be seen within a few months.

Is digital PR suitable for small businesses?

Absolutely, digital PR can be tailored to fit any size of business, helping to increase online visibility and brand awareness regardless of budget.

What metrics are used to measure the success of digital PR campaigns?

Key metrics include domain authority, website traffic, number of backlinks mentioned in the article, category, demographics of the primary reader base and the feature type (editorial or advertorial).

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

DA is a website's ability to rank on search engines. Ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores indicating better ranking potential.

What is Website Traffic?

The volume of visitors and page views a website receives, indicating its popularity and engagement level.

How does digital PR impact SEO?

Digital PR can significantly boost SEO through backlinks from reputable sites, improving your site's authority and search engine ranking.

What do you mean by do-follow backlinks?

These are links from one website to another that allow search engines to follow them and reach your website. Do-follow backlinks contribute to your site's SEO by passing on "link equity" or "link juice," which can improve your site's ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). They are the default type of backlink and do not require any special attributes to be set.

What do you mean by no-follow backlinks?

No-follow backlinks include a special HTML attribute (rel="nofollow") that tells search engines not to follow the link to its destination. These links do not directly influence the search engine rankings of the destination URL because they do not pass on link equity. No-follow links are typically used for links in comments, forums, or other places where links can be added by users to prevent spam and manipulation of search rankings. However, they can still drive traffic to your site and be beneficial for branding and referral traffic purposes.

What is a media placement?

A media placement is when your content or brand mention is published on a media outlet, whether it's an article, interview, feature, or another form of content. Media placements can be editorial or advetorial.

What is disclaimer on an article or discreet article?

A disclaimer on a discreet article serves to inform readers that the content, while not overtly promotional or sponsored, may have been influenced or facilitated by external interests. It can include variety of notes in the article like “The views mentioned are of the journalist alone and doesn’t represent the views of the media house”, “There may be compensation involved” and many other types of disclaimers. Please confirm the type of disclaimer before purchasing a feature.

What is the article writing process?

Once you narrow down on the publication you want your story to be featured on, our team of experienced writers will draft a story based on your vision and campaign objectives keeping in mind the publication guidelines. We will require you to send us the information you would like to incorporate in your article by filling in a form after you purchase the feature. Kindly fill in the form only with information that needs to appear in the article. If you would like to include additional details in the article which are not mentioned in the form, kindly send it to us by mentioning it under the special remarks column of the form. We highly encourage you to fill the questionnaire in detail. This will help us to write a detailed brief on your brand and represent you in an accurate way. We will always send the article to you before publishing it. This empowers you to exercise maximum control over the content that goes live.

For premium publication such as Forbes, GQ, Vogue, etc the journalist drafts the story based on the questionnaire filled. The article will be sent to you for approval before publishing.

What is the maximum word count for an article?

Usually, the article should be 400-500 words long. However, some publications require 800-1000 words minimum. We will write the article keeping in mind the guidelines of the publication you purchased.

Can i request that you rewrite my news story?

If you feel, we were unable to represent your thought leadership appropriately, you can suggest changes on what needs to be done to better align with your brand values and culture. We offer 1 completely free rewrite of your article, incorporating the changes suggested by you.

What happens if I don't like what you write?

Once we finish writing your story or article, we will always send it for your approval before we send it out to our media partners for publishing. If you feel, we were unable to represent your thought leadership appropriately, you can suggest changes on what needs to be done to better align with your brand values and culture. Even after a complete rewrite you feel your thought leadership is not well represented, you can write the articles yourself and submit it to us. We will publish the articles as is or suggest changes to align the article with publication guidelines.

What are the article guidelines?

Each publication has a specific guide to determine whether or not to publish the article. However, we have consolidated a general list to keep in mind while drafting your story.

- The headline shouldn’t include an exclamation point.
- The headline should be a minimum 6-8 words and maximum of 15 words
- The headlines shouldn’t contain quotes
- The headline shouldn’t sound like the headline of an advert. Discounts/pricing details and product specifications can be added in the sub-heading or article’s body

The article can’t be written in the first or second person voice. First person (I, Me, My, We, Us, Our, etc.) and second person (You, Your, etc.) voices are not considered newsworthy, except in quotations.

How do you select publications for my content?

We analyze your brand's goals, target audience, and industry trends to match your content with publications that offer the best visibility and engagement opportunities.

Can I choose specific publications for my content to be featured in?

Yes, we welcome your preferences and will work to secure placements in your desired publications, subject to their editorial guidelines and acceptance.

What happens if my content is rejected by a chosen publication?

If a publication decides not to feature your content, we will provide feedback, if available, to refine the content as needed. If it is still not accepted by the publication, we can publish you in a similar publication. If the alternatives don’t align with your marketing goals, you are eligible for a 100% money back guarantee.

Is there a guarantee my content will be published?

While we leverage our relationships and expertise to maximize the chances of publication, editorial decisions ultimately rest with the media outlets. However, our money-back guarantee offers peace of mind for specific service packages.

Can I review the content before it's submitted to publications?

Absolutely. We encourage your input and approval at every stage to ensure the content aligns with your brand's voice and objectives.

What is the difference between earned media placements and sponsored articles?

Earned media placements are secured by leveraging media relations based on the content's newsworthiness. Sponsored articles involve a financial transaction and are typically marked as "sponsored content".

How do you handle sponsored content disclosures?

We ensure all sponsored content complies with the publication's disclosure policies, maintaining transparency and adhering to legal and ethical standards.

Will the publication have my name in the title?

While, we try our best to include your name in the title of the publication, some publication do not allow name in title and some have additional charges to include name in title. Such details can be found in the product wise details.

Will every article you write index on Google?

We try and ensure all the articles we publish rank on google. However, we have observed that the articles published on a few publications do not rank on google search. We have mentioned those publications in the product description when you purchase the publication. These are for representative purpose only. If getting the article ranked on google search is of primary importance, kindly confirm before buying.

Will I be on top of google search given a keyword?

The goal is to be on top of google search but it takes time for google to pick up an article and gradually keep pushing it to the top page. It also depends on the competition, traffic, domain authority of the publication and several other factors. However, if the article is indexed, it should appear by searching the title in the news section of google search.

How long does it take to publish my article?

The timeline can vary depending on the publication's editorial calendar, the nature of the content, and how quickly it goes through the editorial process. We'll communicate expected timelines and keep you updated throughout.

Will I be able to search for the news stories on the websites where you publish?

Some articles and stories we feature are restricted by search within the publication without the direct link. The chances of this happening are very rare (less than 1% of the publications do this). If this is of special importance, kindly let us know during the purchase. You can use these features as a promotion on website, social media handles, case studies, landing pages, etc to increase customer confidence and credibility.

Do the articles stay published forever?

Articles usually stay up for lifetime, but in some cases like with Marketwatch and Fox publishers decide to remove them within 3 months of publication. These details are mentioned for reference in the special remarks. Provided we succeed in publishing your news story, there will be no refund if the story is removed under unforeseen situations.

Can I place a special request after placing the order?

You can send us an email on citing your order number and special request. We will review this on a case-to-case basis. If it's possible for us to accommodate the request, we will 100% do so at no additional cost. However, if anything additional is required by us from your end we will let you know. We cannot guarantee the fulfillment of your special request. The order cannot be deemed refundable on non-fulfillment of the special request.

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